Kelly Brook believes ''curvy'' women should wear ''tight-fitting'' clothes.

The 40-year-old model loves to wear ''really skinny'' jeans to accentuate her shape and thinks wearing baggy garments can make people look bigger than they really are.

She said: ''I think denim on curvy girls looks fantastic. I always feel like the curvier you are, the more tight fitting the clothes should be because you don't want to disguise your curves, you want to accentuate them and show them off.

''If you have things that are overly baggy it can make you look bigger and be really unflattering - so I'm all up for a really skinny tight jean for a curvy bum.''

The brunette beauty praised the fashion industry for how much it has changed in terms of inclusivity and celebrating different body types since she began her own career.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: ''I think most brands are supporting positivity and diversity now and I think there is such pressure on brands to do that.

''It's great to see women of all colours, shapes, sizes and heights modelling.

''Back in my modelling days you couldn't be a model unless you were 5ft 10in - nowadays you don't get those restrictions, you can be anything you want, at any time, which I think is great, it gives everybody an opportunity - that's the whole point.''

When it comes to her personal style, the Heart DJ - who is in a relationship with Jeremy Parisi - is less ''experimental'' than she used to be because she's learned what does and doesn't look good on her.

She said: ''I guess I'm less experimental than I used to be.

''I now know what suits me and what doesn't, whereas in my teens I'd always try things on that did not suit my body type at all. Nowadays, I just stick to what fits me.''