Kelly Clarkson is "fighting for what she feels is right" with her lawsuit against Brandon Blackstock.

The 41-year-old pop star recently launched a lawsuit against her ex-husband, and Kelly is determined to get what she feels is "owed to her".

A source told Us Weekly: "Filing this lawsuit against Brandon had nothing to do with her alimony payments. It’s about fighting for what she feels is right and owed to her."

Earlier this month, Kelly launched a lawsuit against Brandon and his father Narvel Blackstock‘s management company, Starstruck Entertainment.

The chart-topping singer has accused Starstruck of violating state labour rules, alleging that the company acted as unlicensed talent agents who booked business deals during her time with the firm.

The insider added that Kelly "knows she can never completely wash her hands of Brandon because they are her children’s father, but she also won’t be taken advantage of".

Kelly - who was married to Brandon between 2013 and 2021 - filed her case with a Los Angeles court on March 11.

The singer is seeking "any and all commissions, fees, profits, advances, producing fees or other monies" dating back to when she signed with the company in 2007.

Kelly - who has River, nine, and Remington, seven, with her ex-husband - said in her filing: "Based on the wrongful acts and conduct of Starstruck, all agreements between the parties, should be declared void and unenforceable, no monies should be paid by cross-complainants to Starstruck, and all monies previously paid by cross-complainants to Starstruck should be disgorged from Starstruck, forthwith."

Meanwhile, Bryan Freedman - Brandon's lawyer - has rubbished Kelly's allegations.

He told Rolling Stone: "It is morally, ethically and legally wrong to attempt to get monies back from your ex-husband who not only helped her as her manager but who used those earnings on their children and Kelly and Brandon’s lifestyle during the marriage."