Kelsey Grammer has admitted his relationship with Kayte Walsh began while he was still married to his ex-wife Camille Grammer.

The former 'Frasier' star reveled he met former flight attendant Kayte in December 2009, six months before he announced his split with Camille and said he spent a "magical" few days getting to know her.

Speaking on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', he said: "We actually met in the air on a plane to England. It was very romantic, she was working on the plane. We went out for coffee several days later and had this magical night in the snow in London around Christmas time. It was two years ago."

Kelsey suffered a heart attack three years ago and previously admitted his biggest fear is not being able to have a long life with Kayte.

He said: "My day-to-day life is corny.

"Kayte and I play guitar. We love our dogs. My fear is that I won't have another 40 years with my wife. I want to have a long life with her."

Kelsey - who married Kate in February 2011, five months after she miscarried their baby - regards parenthood as his biggest achievement and is always dismissive of his career successes.

He said: "I love being a dad. It's the only thing I'm actually proud of. My work is a questionable pursuit for me. I always think, yeah, that was OK. I find some way to dismiss success."