Khloe Kardashian can't wait to turn 40 next month because she is "shedding" her old life and embracing a "new version" of herself.

'The Kardashians' star reaches the milestone on June 27 and she's counting down the days until she starts the new decade because she sees it as a representation of a new era following a turbulent few years which included the breakdown of her relationship with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, the father of her two children.

Khloe, 39, told Grazia magazine: "I’m going to be 40 in June and I think most people are nervous or get weird about it and I am counting down the moments until that day.

"I feel like I’m shedding so much of my old life, an old version of me, and I’m so excited for this new version,’ she explains. ‘I know it’s so hugely clichéd to say it, but with age and experience comes wisdom, and that wisdom brings me more peace."

Khloe also shared her advice on dealing with "comparison culture" - insisting it's not healthy to measure yourself against other people because the perfect images portrayed online are often far from reality.

She added: "All of this ... is smoke and mirrors. Everyone is perpetrating this ideal version of themselves - look how happy and cute we are, and this perfect family we have, and look how successful I am – no one is showing when they got into a fight with their husband or when they couldn’t pay their bills.

"We have got to stop looking at what everyone else is doing and remember how great you are doing."

It comes after Khloe opened up about her decision to overhaul her diet and her lifestyle several years ago revealing it hasn't been an easy process.

During an appearance on the 'SHE MD' podcast, Khloe explained: "I used to be overweight a lot of my life. God, I mean my weight-loss journey.

"It took years for me. I’ve always been chubby - like athletic. I’ve always played sports. I just was never in shape."

However, Khloe has managed to transform her body and her mind through a series of "lifestyle changes".

The reality star added: "I would, let’s say, cut out all sodas. Little by little, I would cut things out. I would do that for a week and then cut out one other thing because I realised, I did every diet under the sun when I was younger.

"I used to be a major emotional eater for sure, but then when I was done, I would always be like, ‘Wait!' I would feel so good eating. And then ... so bad after. "And then I would cry and probably do it again because I was sad so I needed the ice cream again. And it was this crazy repeat cycle, but I gave myself a lot of patience and I just took my time."