Kieran Hayler felt ''suicidal'' after lying to Katie Price.

The builder was forced to undertake a lie detector test when his wife suspected him of having an affair with her married best friend Jane Pountney following a steamy sunbed encounter she stumbled across on holiday in Cape Verde.

Kieran lied his way through the test, which was set up by experts from 'The Jeremy Kyle Show', but instantly regretted his claims the holiday smooch had been a one-off and chose to endure Katie's wrath rather than be plagued by his guilty conscience.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''After that I couldn't lie anymore. It was killing me. I went out into the field opposite Kate's house at 7.30am and lay there for four hours.

''I felt suicidal. I wasn't thinking straight so I called my therapist from the field. I went back inside the house to the cinema room and admitted everything to Kate.

''I've watched 'Jeremy Kyle' on ITV and seen plenty of guys confessing on the show. It made me think, 'That's the person I am.'

''Kate immediately told me she couldn't be with me anymore and wanted a divorce -- and that's when she started tweeting her anger. She was devastated and threw the nearest object at me.

''I had her autobiography aimed at my head as well as a large candle.''

The love rat blames Jane - who was Katie's maid of honour when she wed Kieran last April - for not ''saying no'' to him and believes being bullied from a young age has triggered his immature behaviour.

Kieran is hopeful he can win his pregnant wife back for the sake of their nine-month-old son Jett, as well as Katie's children from past relationships, Harvey, 12, Junior, eight, and Princess, six.

He lamented: ''What I've done is worse than bad. It's the worst you could do to anyone. I've got an illness and I do want to fix that...

''I love Kate with all my heart and I believe Kate loves me. She's done nothing wrong. It's me who needs help. Whether or not she can deal with the pictures of what's happened in her head I don't know.''