Kim Basinger says she is becoming more courageous as she gets older.

The 60-year-old actress, who has 18-year-old daughter Ireland Baldwin with ex-husband Alec Baldwin, claims bringing up a child is ''the most dangerous thing'' she has ever done and plans to face all of her fears before she dies.

The 'Grudge Match' star told Flaunt magazine: ''My personal philosophy is, by the time I leave this planet I would have wanted to face every single thing I'm afraid of in this world. No matter what I have to do, no matter what it entails and how shaky and how undone I become. I think I would not be a completed person if I do not do that. So, bring it on!''

She added: ''Well, I've handled snakes and I've jumped out of airplanes but to me things like that - I don't care. I've been in some of the deepest water in the world. I love it. I don't look at anything as dangerous, really. Except as a mom watching a kid - that's danger. But I think, on a personal level, the most dangerous thing I've ever done is really bring up a child and face my own fears. Which, you know, have been many and are becoming less.''

But the blonde beauty worries about budding model Ireland being on sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Asked about her thoughts on social media, she said: ''How long do we have? Oh, dangerous. Robbing and dangerous. Although I'm infatuated and in love with the information--I'm an information junkie, so I love it. I truly love it, but I think we're teetering on danger.

''I just think there are quite a few negative things about it. It's just troubling. It's troubling, especially since I do have a teenager - I know what I'm talking about. But we'll see where it goes.''