Kim Novak may have starred in Vertigo, one of the greatest movies all time, but that hasn’t left her exempt from a bit of Hollywood bullying. The criticisms were centred around her attendance at the Oscars ceremony in March, when her physical appearance came under scrutiny.

Kim Novak Oscars BulliesKim Novak has hit back at bullies who criticised the way she looks

Novak has hit back at her “bullies” in an open letter, writing “I will no longer hold myself back from speaking out against bullies. We can’t let people get away with affecting our lives.”

Among the cruel comments was one from Donald Trump, who tweeted, “I’m having a real hard time watching the Academy Awards (so far). The last song was terrible! Kim should sue her plastic surgeon! #Oscars”

Novak took the criticism so hard that she was unable to leave her house after the awards ceremony. She has admitted to having “fat injections” in her face, but also argued “a person has a right to look as good as they can, and I feel better when I look better.”

Kim Novak Classic Film Festival
The Actress Described The Hurt She Experiences At The Hands Of Bullies After The Oscars.

The Bell Book and Candle actress claims that the reason she left the industry was down to the pressure it placed on her, but she had felt ready to return. “When I was honoured at the Cannes Film Festival last year, I received an overwhelming standing ovation. Yet, in Hollywood, after the Oscars, I was bullied by the press and the public on the internet and TV,” Novak wrote in her letter.

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