Review of Kitsune X Ponystep Album by Kitsune

Mixed by Jerry Bouthier of JBAG, 'Kitsue X Ponystep' was released in July and is a spin-off from the French fashion line Kitsune. Branching into the world of music, the label has releases on its roster from the likes of Wolfmother, Klaxons and La Roux.

Kitsune Kitsune X Ponystep Album

It might seem an obvious statement about a compilation with links to fashion, but quite clearly the production of this collection was to achieve an air of cool. To attain this we are presented with a couple of established stars in amongst underground names who have yet to be selected as flavour of the week. The ever-likeable Roisin Murphy kicks things off with her sassy vocals on a bright dance tune, but Two Door Cinema Club's remixed 'I Can Talk' passes by without impact. Characterising the record are heavy beats that would be just at home in a club as they would be on the catwalk, with each track expertly blended in to the one before it. Whilst admirably done, it does also mean that the tone of the album barely fluctuates, meaning a monotonous tone that lasts for 75 minutes. A couple of tracks stand out from the rest - Votaire Twins ' 'D.I.L.' and the androgynous 'Army Of Lovers' from Bunny Lake - but most lack their own unique quality. It would be enough to keep a dancefloor busy at the weekend, but repeat requests for a track or the urge to download after your hangover the following day are certainly not likely.

Alex Lai

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