A number of Veronica Marsfans who helped the record breaking Kickstarter campaign with donations of $35 upwards are to receive refunds from Warner Bros after their promise of a digital copy of the film days after release wasn’t realised.

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The film hit cinemas recently and was a success, with die-hard fans of the franchise praising the effort for sticking to the ethos of the TV show that made it famous. But some unlucky users weren’t able to download their digital copy, leading to Warner Bros promising some refunds, but most, they suggest, were able to retrieve their copy without any problems.

“The vast majority of ‘Veronica Mars’ backers who attempted to redeem their code had a successful experience,” a statement read. “A communication was sent to all backers yesterday from Rob Thomas telling them to get in touch with ‘Veronica Mars’ technical support if they were experiencing problems.”

But there were those who had major issues in getting their copies, and for those, refunds will be issued. “Backers who had technical issues were assisted directly by the ‘Veronica Mars’ customer support team while those who expressed a preference to have the film on a different format received the communication below offering to reimburse them for the cost of purchasing the film in that format,” the statement went on to explain. “We are, of course, working diligently to ensure that all the ‘Veronica Mars’ backers have a great experience.”

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Aside from those technical issues, the whole project seems to have been a success. The record-breaking Kickstarter, which saw $5.702m (£3.70m) of crowd funded money raised, helped make a movie that was both critically acclaimed and warmly received by the fans. What’s more, Veronica Mars herself has suggested she’d be game for reprising the role in a movie sequel .

“This has been the most effortless character that I’ve ever played,” explained Kristen Bell to Variety. “I was scheming with Rob to make a movie for the past seven years and when we finally found a way to make it happen, we asked everybody and it was an overwhelming yes … I was talking about the sequel before this one was even finished.”

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