Kristen Bell spent Mother's Day with her girlfriends rather than her children.

The 43-year-old actress - who has Lincoln, 11, and nine-year-old Delta with 'Armchair Expert' host Dax Shepard - noticed a "hypocrisy" between Father's Day and Mother's Day some years ago in that dads often spend their holiday doing whatever they like, whilst mothers tend to be expected to take care of their children at all times.

She told People: "About six years ago, my husband started recognizing the hypocrisy between Father's Day and Mother's Day. On Father's Day, dads are allowed to, let's say, go golfing for eight hours and not see anyone. For some reason, on Mother's Day, we are expected to be woken up with breakfast in bed and have all the kids all around us at all times. That's not a big celebration. That is something that is a daily thing in my household.

"So [he treated me to] a Father's Day Mother's Day!"

The 'Frozen' star explained that her husband took the kids out for the day and hired a masseuse and a manicurist enjoy whilst all of her fellow "mom friends" came over and they all had a "glorious day" together.

She said: "He got the kids out of the house and he hired a masseuse and a manicurist. He had my mom friends over, and we just sat and didn't take care of anything or anyone. Rather, we were cared for the whole day, and it was glorious!"

The 'When In Rome' actress also revealed that when it comes to packing lunches for her kids to take to school, she only "very rarely" puts in a sweet treat because she wants them to embrace healthy eating.

She said: "I very rarely, slide in a sugary snack, like a piece of chocolate or some gummy bears, because I don't want to be restrictive by any means. I want them to feel like eating food is fun.

"But at the same time, I want them to know that it needs to be good for the building blocks of their bodies."