Lana Del Ray has "more to explore" before she has children.

The 38-year-old singer - who recently revealed her relationship had come to a "shocking" end - thinks she will be a parent eventually but she has a lot she wants to try in her life before she raises a family of her own.

She told the Sunday Times Culture magazine: "That’s why God didn’t give me children yet. Because there is more to explore.

"I know people who’ve tested every water. It’s burnt them, like Icarus. But I’m willing to go there.

"I see it coming for me. We’ll see. We’ll see what melts the wings.”

The 'Ride' singer admitted she has to look after her mental health because being in the public eye can take a toll.

She said: “Well, you really have to take care of yourself.

"Because putting your faith in the public is like building your house in the sand. They’ll turn and turn. I’ve experienced that in all parts of my life. People reveal sides of themselves years after you meet, so you have to ground yourself all the way down to your knees …

“But, back then, it is no wonder I felt I did not have a voice in a particular movement — they quieted me."

Lana recently insisted she is "not in love" at the moment following the end of her most recent relationship.

She told Harper's Bazaar magazine: "We had some fights over this house, a couple people. They didn’t get it…I feel like even the most chill guy doesn’t really want to chill here. Sadly, part of you knows … that ain’t it.… That one shocked me. I won’t name names and whatever, but that one really shocked me, that person. That was actually the end of a relationship.

"I’m definitely not in love right now. No. Absolutely not in love. Have been, but no. Well, I’ll tell you.

"It hasn’t crossed my mind in the last five months on the road or here yet. But give it a week.

"My history, sure, it’s coming for me at some point. Yeah. It would be interesting if it didn’t. It would be interesting if it didn’t."