Fans of the late rocker Lou Reed gathered in New York to pay their respects by singing some of the former Velvet Underground frontman's songs yesterday afternoon. Pedestrians walking through New York's Lincoln Center and Reed's former city of residence stopped to listen as 'The Blue Mask' was first blasted through speakers.

Lou Reed
Lou Reed Was Remembered At A Unique Lincoln Center Memorial.

As the music begin blaring, people stopped and closed their eyes, tapped their feet, sang along - and some even danced in the chilly weather. The afternoon memorial continued as the music continued to play and Laurie Anderson, Reed's widow who was with him when he died, appeared to talk to fans and pose for photographs.

Lou Reed Fans
Fans Gathered To Sing & Share Memories.

As if Lou Reed himself was performing live, somewhere just out of sight, each song was followed by a round of applause, according to The Guardian. The event was first announced quietly on Reed's website, stating simply "A gathering open to the public - no speeches, no live performances, just Lou's voice, guitar music & songs - playing the recordings selected by his family and friends" and instructing fans to head for the Lincoln Center between 1 and 5pm.

Lou Reed Memorial
Fans Shared In The Moment As They Basked In Reed's Music Together.

"New York without Lou - it's unimaginable," said Brian Kaiser, adding "He was a pioneer - even with what we are doing here." Instead of individuals taking to a podium and giving speeches, the event was a collective tribute, sharing in the memory of Lou.

Fans and by passers of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds stood and danced to or just simply absorbed the music with its often dark themes of drug use and prostitution as testament to Lou's underground appeal and cult status as a musician.

Lou Reed & Lucky
Lou Reed Was Remembered For His Pioneering Music & Enigmatic Personality.

Reed died at home on the 27th October this year, aged 71, after suffering liver disease. His death has seen sales of his solo and Velvet Underground music - most notably vinyl - soar.