Mandy Moore is pregnant.

The 40-year-old star has announced via social media that she's expecting her third child with her husband Taylor Goldsmith.

Mandy revealed the news by sharing a photo of her two sons - Gus, three, and Ozzie, 19 months - wearing white T-shirts that read "Big" and "Middle" respectively.

The actress - who has been married to Taylor since 2018 - captioned the snap on Instagram: "Sometimes life imitates art. The third in our own Big Three coming soon. Can’t wait for these boys to have a baby sister. [heart emojis] (sic)"

Mandy's social media post is a reference to her 'This Is Us' storyline, as her on-screen character was also a parent to two boys and a girl.

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty previously admitted that she's found motherhood to be a "challenging and rewarding" experience.

The actress also confessed that motherhood has changed her entire outlook on life.

Speaking to PEOPLE back in 2021, Mandy explained: "Being a mom has certainly made me aware of how challenging and rewarding motherhood is."

Despite this, Mandy acknowledged that she's in a much better and more privileged position than many other mothers around the world.

The award-winning star struggles to even imagine some of the challenges that other moms have been forced to encounter.

Mandy - who first found success as a pop star, before she focused her attention on acting - said: "It truly takes a village. I'm very conscious of how fortunate we are to not have had to struggle to meet Gus' basic human needs.

"There are so many women, moms and their children, who don't have that ability and have to overcome challenges I can't even imagine."