Actor Martin Sheen has praised the courage of his son Charlie after the Two and a Half Men star publicly announced he was living with a HIV positive diagnosis. In Florida for an event, the Naples Daily News reported how the 75-year-old father spoke of the pride he felt after Charlie’s revelation.

Charlie Sheen and Martin SheenMartin Sheen (pictured with Charlie in 2007) has spoken about his son's revelation

Sheen Snr said: "He had been leading up to this sort of story for several months and we kept encouraging him to do it.

"But he kept backing away and back away because it was like going to his own execution, I guess.

"It was the most difficult thing he’s ever done."

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Charlie, 50, announced he’a been living with HIV for four years on American show Today on Tuesday morning with presenter Matt Lauer.

West Wing star Martin began to choke up when he spoke of his son and what it was like to be a father with a child dealing with addiction.

He said: "We didn’t know until he walked on the set that he was going to do it.

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"I saw him Saturday night - my wife and I went to see him - to make sure he knew we were behind him and, if he wanted me to go, I would have cancelled this event.

"But he said, no, this was his and his alone."

Sheen added: "I can't speak for him of course.

"As a father, I dare say that if I were to ask, just a general question in this room, how many of you have children or spouses or nieces, nephews, uncles, clients, who are dealing with drugs or alcohol. I dare say that there isn't a person in here that wouldn't raise their hand."