Ahead of the highly anticipated Love Actually mini-sequel that’s currently being filmed for Comic Relief, one of the movie’s stars, Martine McCutcheon, has excitedly teased a few details about her character Natalie and her romance with The Prime Minister, played by Hugh Grant.

Speaking on daytime magazine show ‘Loose Women’ on Wednesday (February 22nd), the 40 year old actress said that she and Grant would definitely both be starring in the project – but she wasn’t quite sure whether their characters would still be together, having not yet seen a script.

“I’m hoping me and Hugh are still together because we’re filming together. I haven’t been sent a script, I’ve just been in wardrobe,” she told the hosts.

Martine McCutcheonMartine McCutcheon is in line to reprise her character Natalie from 'Love Actually'

Asked for her hopes regarding what Natalie and The Prime Minister will now be up to more than ten years later, McCutcheon replied: “I really hope they’ve had a couple of kids and he’s still doing his silly dancing, and for him still to be in Downing Street. I’m hoping the magic of it all comes back for something so lovely.”

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McCutcheon and Grant have apparently kept in touch since they wrapped filming on the original 2003 movie, and remain good friends and often talk via text and Twitter.

“We have this banter. We’re so different, from such different backgrounds, but it’s why we work,” she explained. “He has a go at me, I have a go at him. He’s lovely, we still DM and text, but I’m so excited to work with him again. I wouldn’t feel right doing it without Hugh.”

The majority of Love Actually’s star-studded cast has been reunited by director Richard Curtis for the ten-minute special, which is due to air on BBC One on Red Nose Day on March 24th.

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