Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are determined to "make their relationship work".

The 37-year-old actress and the 33-year-old music star are "continuing to work through things and are still going to couples therapy".

A source told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Megan is very adamant about keeping that consistent.

"It's an absolute necessity for her in order to have them heal and move forward. They are both doing their best to make their relationship work and making an effort."

The actress is making a concerted effort to "keep her personal life out of the public eye as they navigate their next steps".

The insider added: "She doesn't want to draw further attention to their relationship while they are in the healing phase and just focused on each other and their families."

The celebrity duo - who got engaged in 2022 - were recently spotted together in California after weeks of speculation about their relationship status.

And in June, Megan and the music star were said to be doing "much better" following their relationship struggles.

The duo were working towards creating a "happy, honest, loving, passionate relationship" at the time.

A source explained to 'Entertainment Tonight': "There was obviously quite a bit of drama between them for a second, but they have been working on having very healthy and fluid communication. They have also been seeking therapy, which has helped save their relationship.

"They have learned that communication is key, and honesty and trust are the key pillars to any relationship.

"Their engagement status and wedding planning is a work in progress at this time, but they are both confident that they will be together forever.

"Their goal is to have a happy, honest, loving, passionate relationship that they are both committed to."