"Spiritual" Michael Fassbender believes in a "higher power that connects us all together".

The 46-year-old Irish-German actor and racing driver - who has a young son with actress wife Alicia Vikander - was raised a Catholic and served as an altar boy at the church his family frequented.

However, these days, the 'Prometheus' star doesn't visit the place of worship as much.

He told Candis magazine: "I go to Mass at Christmas, and sometimes, if I'm visiting certain places. I will go into a church and light a candle for relatives or friends who have passed away.

I definitely feel that those people are still around. I consider myself as a spiritual person and I do believe in a higher power that connects us all together."

Michael believes many people have become too focused on bettering their own lives and not improving others.

He added of the moral he swears by: "It's a very simple rule, which is basically treating others as you would like to be treated. I think these days, we've become a bit too obsessed with the individual - How can I become a more successful person?

How can I achieve happiness?

"I think we need to start looking to each other more and wondering how we can take care of each other, not just of ourselves. I think we need to start working together and loving each other more...

Does that sound corny?"