Fans mostly know Michele Dockery as Lady Mary on the stuffy Downton Abbey. For the Downton actress herself, however, with a successful TV series and multiple film offers, the world is her oyster. Case in point: the brand new action flick Non-Stop, co-starring Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore, which had its LA Premiere just yesterday, February 25.

Michelle Dockery, Non-Stop Film Premiere
Dockery attends the premiere of Non-Stop.

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On the red carpet, Dockery told E! that she enjoyed the experience and she would love to do more action flicks. She couldn’t have picked a better movie to ease her into the genre, than one co-starring Neeson and Moore. In Non-Stop, Dockery plays a flight attendant, whose flight is being threatened via anonymous text messages. The mystery person threatens to kill a passenger every 20 minutes unless Bill gets the government to transfer $150million into a secret account.

Liam Neeson, Non Stop Premiere
Neeson plays a cool-headed US air marshall.

Liam Neeson is Bill Marks, an air marshal receiving the threatening texts, while Julianne Moore plays a business woman, who befriends Neeson’s character over the course of the flight. Moore describes Non-Stop as resonant of the classic disaster flicks of the 1970s.

Julianne Moore, Non-Stop Premiere
Julianne Moore thinks the movie gives a nod to old-school disaster flicks.

For Dockery, this was a definite change of pace, but the actress reports that she loved filming and wanted to do most of her own stunts. “I would have been happy to do even more," she said. "At some point, I was like, 'Can you just leave the stunt double? I'll do it.” Well, with that attitude, she should break into the action genre with no trouble at all. Non-Stop is out in theaters on February 28.

Watch the Non-Stop trailer below.