Just when we thought the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge couldn't get any better (we honestly thought the swearing toddler topped them all!), an unlikely group of people have decided to take it on over in Ireland; they would be none other than Redemptoristine Sisters of Dublin.

Nuns take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Nuns can have fun too!

In the latest viral Ice Bucket Challenge to hit the web, a group of six nuns dressed in their traditional habits and red robes drench each other in icy water after hearing about the hugely popular charity internet craze which was set up to raise money for the ALS Association. Now it seems LITERALLY everybody has done it.

Watch these Irish nuns' ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

The video which was posted on their Facebook page sees one nun suggesting that they will pray for their nominees while another squeals 'Jesus said, pray for your enemies!' as one of the older sisters prepares to soak her. Blasphemy may be frowned upon in most convents, but these girls could barely contain their screams of 'Oh Lord!' as the water gushed over them. Not only that, but they made sure their challenge counted as they filled up what seemed like every available container and repeatedly tipped them out over each other. The life of a nun may seem a little routine and boring, but it seems these sisters certainly know how to have fun during their brief moments of down time.

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Many of the best Ice Bucket Challenges have been at the hands of celebrities, with the likes of George Bush, Anna Wintour, Susan Boyle, Usain Bolt, Robert Downey Jr., Britney Spears and Bill Gates all plucking up the courage to take part. If you readers haven't done it yet, we nominate you!

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