Nick Cave has requested fan phone footage for a new collaborative film.

The visionary artist is seeking short clips - no more than two minutes - showing a range of themes from "mercy and anger" to "revelation and glory".

A press release states: "An ambitious idea with a small budget, Nick is asking for phone footage to piece together - short clips (no more than 2 minutes, preferably less) that mean something to you - video selfie portraits, miracles of nature and natural disaster, the sacred and profane. It could be footage of the person you love, video you shot at a protest, or something ordinary that you find beautiful.

"Themes could be mercy, anger, splendour, grief, solitude, yearning, revelation, glory."

The overall piece intends to be "a kind of spiritual portrait of the world at this time."

The film will accompany Nick's 'Seven Psalms' collection, which is available on limited edition 10" vinyl and via streaming services now.

The project comprises seven spoken word pieces set to music and a 12-minute instrumental, all recorded in the sessions for Nick and Warren Ellis' 2021 album 'Carnage'.

Nick, 64, said: "While in lockdown I wrote a number of psalms, or small, sacred songs - one a day for a week. The seven psalms are presented as one long meditation—on faith, rage, love, grief, mercy, sex and praise. A veiled, contemplative offering borne of an uncertain time. I hope you like it."

It marked the longtime collaborators in Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Grinderman's first full-length release as a duo.

The pair are known for their work in film music, having provided scores for both film and stage productions.

Stream and buy 'Seven Psalms' via