Peaches Geldof’s Kent home, where she lived with husband Thomas Cohen, has been broken into and raided twice since Geldof’s death. According to The Telegraph, police are now investigating a burglary at the house in Wrotham. Apparently there have been several raids and a number of items have been stolen from the place.

Peaches Geldof
Geldof was found dead on April 7 by husband Thomas Cohen.

 Reports have come in that a lawn mower was stolen from the grounds of the property in mid-April. The most recent raid took place last Friday after thieves damaged the CCTV, it was claimed. Nothing was stolen during this most recent invasion, thanks to the police’s quick interference. According to the police spokesperson, the officers arrived on the scene within five minutes of the call.

Ms Geldof was found dead on April 7 by her husband Thomas Cohen who had become concerned after being unable to contact her since the previous evening. Weeks later, at a scheduled inquest, it was revealed that heroin “was likely to have played a part” in her untimely death. While drug paraphernalia was not initially found around Geldof’s body, it was discovered in the house during the course of the investigation.

Peaches Geldof
Recently it came to light that heroin may have been involved in her death

Mr Cohen was not suspected of any involvement. Kent Police released the statement following misleading reports the star's house had been searched after her death, and no drugs found. Detective Chief Inspector Paul Fotheringham said: "Following recent speculation in the media, I would like to make it clear that Thomas Cohen is not in any way under suspicion of any involvement in Peaches Geldof-Cohen's death or our concurrent investigation into the supply of drugs."

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Peaches Geldof
Geldof's sudden death shocked the world.