Penny Lancaster has confirmed her husband Rod Stewart's children Kimberly and Sean Stewart are starring in their own reality TV show.

Rumors had suggested the couple were opening the doors of their Los Angeles mansion to camera crews but the 43-year-old model has revealed it is not her and her Rod, 70, who will be the focus of the program but the 'Maggie May' singer's two grown-up kids.

Kimberly and her brother Sean, their mother Alana Stewart - Rod's first wife - and her son Ashley from her marriage to actor George Hamilton will be the stars of the new E! series. George is also expected to appear as a guest star.

Discussing the reality rumors on daytime TV show 'Loose Women', Penny said: ''I'm very sorry to disappoint you all but it's an absolute no ... That won't be happening. It's not all of Rod's children, it's his first wife Alana, who was married to George Hamilton, so it's his (son) and her two children with Rod, so Kimberly and Sean. And that's as far as it goes.''

Penny is adamant she and Rod will not be making any appearances on the program because they both value their privacy too much to let cameras into their home life with their two young sons, Alastair, nine, and Aiden, four.

The blonde star added: ''In this business we have to have publicity, but there's that fine line between publicity and privacy. I believe, and so does Rod, that it stops at the front door. With all due respect to the children, they're at their age and that's their decision their making and as parents we fully support whatever their choice of career is.''

Filming on the series is believed to have already started and it is due to hit screens across the world in June.

Rod has four other children, Ruby, 27, Renee, 22, Liam, 20, and Sarah Streeter, 52, from previous relationships.