Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart enjoy getting pampered together.

The busy couple ensure they make time for each other whenever they can and Penny revealed that they often get facials together.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''We have facials together. He's a man's man with a very feminine side. He's a proud man, he takes care of how he dresses. He's a performer, a man who makes an effort.''

A bath also helps to relax the 70-year-old 'Maggie May' singer and Penny likes to draw one for him if he has a stressful day.

Referring to one time in particular when he was stuck in traffic, Penny, 44, explained: ''I poured him a glass of wine by the side of the bath so he felt someone was thinking of him on the way home.''

Rod previously credited daily facials with helping him to look younger.

He said: ''I work like a dog to look like this. There's no easy option. I'm obsessed with my health . I have a trainer five days a week.

''But the thing is not to worry about age. I don't give a toss about getting older. I like it as long as I'm healthy. My skin is good because I've had a facial every week for 30 years. Now they're getting the men in too. I was the trailblazer for all that men's grooming stuff.''