The 49-year-old interfaith Morality in Media has launched a three-pronged attack on NBC's upcoming The Playboy Club -- targeting advertisers, the network, and the network's affiliates. The group issued a statement on Thursday saying that it has sent letters to NBC's top advertisers asking them to use their influence to stop NBC from airing the new drama this fall. It said that it is also "warning them not to advertise on the show if it airs." Executive Director Dawn Hawkins called Playboy "the top pornographer in the world" and President Patrick Trueman charged that the program is intended to bring Playboy's "pornographic worldview directly into America's living rooms." The group is also circulating an online "pledge" at, and it is asking supporters to contact their local NBC affiliates demanding that they drop the show. One affiliate, KSL in Salt Lake City, owned by the Mormon Church, did indeed cancel the show, but it was quickly picked up by another Salt Lake City TV station.