GQ Magazine have released their 'Best Dressed' list for the coming year and amongst some predictable entries, including Benedict Cumberbatch and David Beckham, there have been a few surprises, most notably the inclusion of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, AKA the Queen's hubbie.

Prince Philip
Prince Philip Has Made It On To GQ's Best Dressed List.

A mixture of magazine staff and experts helped compile the year's list of the most style savvy celebs and judged that Prince Philip "deserves yet another medal - for his services to classic British tailoring." Whilst we don't deny that the blunder-prone royal always looks sharp and dashing in his suits, tailcoats, and expertly knotted ties, his name's occurrence on the list comes as a surprise perhaps because of his reclusion from the media glare.

Queen Elizabeth Prince Philip
Wherever The Queen Goes, Her Endlessly Fashionable Husband Accompanies Her.

However, the 92 year-old duke lauded for his exertion of influence upon the younger royals. "Top-down management still rules among the royals, evidenced by the degree to which the Duke of Edinburgh's sons, grandsons (and who knows, great-grandson) hero-worship his time-honoured style," said GQ's deputy editor, Bill Prince.

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