Review of 3s & 7s / Christian Brothers Single by Queens Of The Stone Age

Queens Of The Stone Age,
3s & 7s / Christian Brothers
Single Review

Queens Of The Stone Age 3s & 7s / Christian Brothers Single

Back out of the desert comes Josh Homme, guitar in one hand, with another headful of ideas that he's eager to unleash upon the unsuspecting public. Someone perhaps need to remind him that quantity over quality is never really the winning formula, unless you are the Ramones. Actually, forget that statement - the Ramones had quality as well!

3s & 7s in another pointless excecise in riffery from the man who left most of the quality songs behind when Kyuss split up, and the rest when Nick Oliveri was booted out. The typical QOTSA elements are there - the disjointed riffs, and Homme appearing to sing the same melody line he's been singing for about 10 years. At least it's an upbeat number, which is more than can be said for Christian Brothers.

A turgid, pedestrian, acoustic number, this is more 'dessert' sessions than desert sessions. Coming close to being a pastiche Nirvana, this is like a repeated trip around the M25 - it just goes nowhere.

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