Queens Of The Stone Age front man Josh Homme stopped a fight between fans during the band's Madison Square Garden concert this week.

The 'No One Knows' rockers were playing at the New York City venue on Tuesday night (24.10.17) when Homme noticed a disagreement in the crowd, and took it upon himself to put an end to the drama.

He told the crowd: ''What's going on? Is this something like a fight?

''We're not here to fight. If you want to fight, stick your head up your a** and fight for air - and get the f**k out.''

Before playing the group's track 'Domesticated Animals' - taken from their new seventh album 'Villains' - Josh addressed their fans, adding that their shows aren't a place for violence.

He continued: ''We're here to dance, everybody's going to get laid, and we don't want security to be all over the place - they're already f***ing tight here...

''My point is this: we can show up exactly how we should be, right? So don't be a d**k... we're not the soundtrack to you fighting, we're the soundtrack to you f***ing. If you don't like that, get the f**k out.''

This news comes after the band encouraged their fans to live life on the edge, and bring ''chaos'' to their shows.

Guitarist Troy De Van Leeuwen said: ''We embrace chaos and danger, so should the fans.

''Every night we get on stage we give everything and things could break, the wheels could fall off.

''That's the way life is, we are always looking to f*** things up.''

Frontman Josh Homme added to the Daily Star newspaper: ''At our concerts there are no rules, all you have to do is be yourself.''