With a festival line up already that is sure to bring tears of unbridled joy to any self-respecting music fan, iTunes have gone and added another jaw-dropping act to their celebratory month of music this September. "Who could it be?!", you scream impatiently; well friends, be prepared to let out an involuntary cry of "hallelujah" because none other than Lady GaGa will be gracing Camden's Roundhouse stage come September.

Lady Gaga
Catch Lady Gaga In Her September iTunes Festival Performance.

Freaky pop queen Gaga will indeed be performing at iTunes Festival 2013 and The Sun have caught wind that a huge budget has been set aside to entertain the 3,300 fans packed into the London venue. September's show will be Gaga's first UK concert in seven months and will be likely to be the first live performance of tracks from her upcoming album Artpop. Sources say that her Haus Of Gaga team are spending £500,000 on the production to make iTunes' show as exciting as possible. The 27 year-old New Yorker has recently been resting in a wheelchair due to a labral tear in her right hip but one of her insiders spoke of Haus of Gaga's anticipation for the one-off September show: "The gig in Camden has a huge budget and is likely to be the first anyone sees or hears of her album. The Haus Of Gaga team have been working in secret on costumes and stage sets for the show from their base in Paris. Gaga's dancers have also been rehearsing but she's only told her closest friends about the new direction she's taking. The music is going to be a big departure and Gaga's dreamed up a whole new image for the album."

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Rumoured To Spend £500,000 On Her Roundhouse Show.

iTunes is set to be true music fan's festival, with not only a mega line-up including Queens Of The Stone Age, Primal Scream, Jessie J, Vampire Weekend, Kings Of Leon and Justin Timberlake, but in a display of unquestionable charity, iTunes have made their festival free on each and every night. Fans can apply for tickets for gigs they want to go to through iTunes with tickets allocated randomly to make the process fair. Due to the forecasted popularity of each artist there will be some disappointed applicants but we're reliably informed that there's plenty of fan tickets up for grabs each night.

Kings of Leon
Kings Of Leon Will Also Play During iTunes' September Festival.

How did they know? It's almost like the all-seeing eye of Apple read our minds and entered our music libraries, plucking out the best of our mainstream music tastes and combining them all into a month long sound party. As music lovers, we are well and truly blessed. Get applying, folks!