Josh Homme, frontman of Queens Of The Stone Age, has spoken out against Tim Armstrong, singer from Rancid. This came after Armstrong publically attacking Homme for dating his ex-girlfriend, Brody Dalle. Homme reportedly received multiple death-threats from various Rancid fans in response to Armstrong accusing him of 'stealing' Dalle from him.

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Homme remains with Dalle, and decided that the best response would be to stay silent in order to disprove the rumours. He explained: "I got all kinds of threats. They were saying, 'We're gonna kill you.' And I was saying, 'I'm six-foot-five and I have red hair and I'm not hiding. Go ahead.' I didn't steal anybody's anything. But not saying anything became the only thing that had any truth to it.

Homme continued to say that: "There was Tim saying anything he could say and pretty much now it's established that fake English accent-singing f**king copycat motherf**ker is full of s**t. Don't be mad, just be gone."