Rachel McAdams hopes taking her son to Iceland will ''stick to his soul'' even if he doesn't remember the trip.

The 41-year-old actress and her boyfriend Jamie Linden welcomed their little boy into the world in 2018 and she felt ''really lucky'' to be able to take the tot to work with her on her first project back after giving birth, 'Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga'.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I got a lot of time off beforehand so I was pretty ready to go back by the time I did.

''He was almost two ... but I mean, being able to take him to Iceland, he'll never remember any of it but I feel like somehow that might stick to his soul and his personality a little bit, so it was great to get to travel.

''And you know, we've been sort of cuddled up for so long together that it was wonderful to go out into the world and get to work at the same time. I felt really lucky to be able to do that.''

Rachel and her family are making the most of enjoying ''quality time'' together amid the coronavirus pandemic and is trying not to worry about her son missing out on opportunities to mix with other children.

She said: ''I mean, it's a lot of quality time but ... it's something that you'll never get to do quite like this again.

''It's such extraordinary circumstances and, you know, we're just making the best of it and I was reading something about that in The New York Times, like, don't worry about your kids because he was just starting to really talk and open up and socialise. Don't worry, you know, the time they're getting and they're learning other skills that will benefit them just as much as socialising so just you know, relax, it'll be OK.''