When it comes to the world of superheroes, one community that you don't regularly see represented is those living with physical disabilities. Cyborg actor Ray Fisher however has recently said that's to change with 'Justice League' and the planned solo series for the hero, thanks to the story Cyborg will be sharing with everybody on the big screen.

Ray Fisher as Cyborg in 'Justice League'Ray Fisher as Cyborg in 'Justice League'

Just as 'Wonder Woman' has done for millions of little girls around the world, those living with disabilities will hopefully be able to see themselves in Fisher's character Victor Stone, otherwise known as Cyborg. Almost losing his life, but saved by his father who turns him into half-man, half-machine, this is a character that will open a lot of doors if screenwriter Chris Terrio and former director Zack Snyder have their way.

Speaking with Geek Magazine, Fisher explained: "I’ve had lots of fans who come out and say ‘Listen, I can relate to Cyborg because I lost a limb,’ or ‘I have this cochlear implant.’ It’s one of those things when you actually start seeing it, when you actually start hearing about it, that made Cyborg more relevant to me than I think he ever had been up until that point."

Though many find physical disability to be a hindrance and a weakness, Cyborg will help transform much of the opinion surrounding that. You may be living life with something most people will never experience or cannot even comprehend, but that doesn't mean your life is over. Hopefully, 'Justice League' and 'Cyborg' will help prove that and inspire legions of viewers moving forward.

In the mean time, we're all keeping our eyes peeled for a brand new 'Justice League' trailer which will be debuting this weekend at New York Comic Con!

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'Justice League' comes to cinemas across the UK on November 17.