Ray J and Princess Love are being sued for allegedly failing to pay the $20,000 reward to the person who found their dog.

Eddie Macione has alleged that the duo - who are currently in the midst of a divorce - haven't handed over the eye-watering reward they originally offered to the individual who found their lost dog, Boogotti.

Macione discovered their pooch in Woodland Hills in Los Angeles in early April 2019 with no identification tags, according to the lawsuit.

He claims to have cared for the pet for weeks before he discovered the news that Ray and Princess were offering as much as $20,000 for the safe return of their dog, TMZ reports.

As a result, he decided to get in touch with the celebrity duo - who have Melody, two, and Epik, five months, together - and arrange to reunite them with Boogotti.

However, according to his legal documents, Ray and Princess have so far refused to part with the cash, and Macione has even accused them of using their fame in a bid to ''frighten'' him from claiming the money.

Macione hasn't specifically explained how they've allegedly intimated him, but he's currently seeking the full $20,000 reward, as well as damages.

Previously, Princess claimed she was approached by a man who revealed he believed his neighbour had Boogotti and when she asked for proof, he produced a picture of an unknown person holding the dog.

However, the 'Love and Hip Hop' star showed the photo to a friend, who happened to recognise the person in the picture - and believed the man who had contacted Princess had close ties to them.

Princess and the man - who had promised to return the dog if he got the money - met outside a local police station and though he handed over Boogotti, she didn't give him the cash and instead confronted him about knowing the person in the picture, prompting him to ''freak out'' and run away.

The model saw police nearby and told them what had happened, prompting an investigation into a possible felony theft.