Richard Linklater is set to direct Jennifer Lawrence in 'The Rosie Project'.

According to, the 54-year-old 'Boyhood' director is in talks to work with the 24-year-old actress on Sony Pictures' adaptation of Graeme Simison novel, following Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's decision to drop out of the film to direct the Han Solo 'Star Wars' spin-off movie instead.

Produced by Matt Tolmach and Michael Costigan, 'The Rosie Project' will focus on a genetics professor with limited social skills who thinks he has conjured a scientific survey to find a perfect mate, but, instead, finds Rosie, a mismatched woman who becomes irresistible to him

While Richard hasn't been confirmed for the film, he has just wrapped a 'Dazed And Confused'-style ensemble film about college kids trying to make the baseball team, and, while he has considered a 'Boyhood' sequel, the film's leading man Ethan Hawke previously ruled it out.

The Oscar-winning director admitted back in February to a Sundance audience that ''the 20s are pretty formative'', sparking speculation a follow-up film could potentially be in the pipeline.

Ethan, however, said: ''I feel that 'Boyhood' was so unique and the reason why it works is because it actually does have a beginning, middle and end.''