Rita Ora wanted to celebrate "women's existence" with her look at the Met Gala 2024.

The 33-year-old pop star arrived at the New York fashion event on Monday (06.05.24) wearing a full-body nude shapewear suit by Marni and hung a full-length beaded piece over the top of it as she quipped she was wearing nothing but a necklace.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Hi guys, I'm wearing a necklace this year at the Met. This is about the beauty of the body and women's existence and presence. [It's about] not doing as much but also doing a lot, you see what I mean? And these beads are from actually second century BC."

The 'Hot Right Now' hitmaker - who is married to Hollywood Taika Waititi - noted that she just wanted to show that beauty can "stand the test of time" as she noted that her husband was also wearing an outfit made by the luxury designer.

She said: "This is all about beauty just standing the test of time! He's also wearing Marni"

Taika - who opted for a brown leather Marni suit, complete with a leather tie and gloves - was then asked what he made of his wife's look and hailed the ensemble as "incredible".

He said: "Incredible, I looked at all the details of every bead, thousands of years."

But the only drawback for the 'Anywhere' singer was that she had not thought about the practicalities of going to the bathroom as she admitted she didn't have a spare outfit to change into.

She added: "No, I don't [have anything else], I also didn't think about the bathroom so I might just have to poke a hole in the stocking!"