Rochelle Humes ''lost it'' when her eldest daughter started at her new school after lockdown.

The Saturdays star - who is pregnant with her third child - admitted she struggled to hold back the tears as seven-year-old Alaia-Mai got ready for her big day this week.

She wrote on Instagram: ''A lot of change for us at the minute as a family - new house, new area but, the most change for my Alaia starting a brand new school after lockdown.

''I'm so proud of how brave she is and so ready for a new adventure, so odd for me not being able to go in and make sure she's okay but I guess that's the new 'normal' for you.

''I held it together and as soon as the door shut I lost it. Being a parent is never easy... please tell me it's not just me?' She's totally fine by the way and SO excited... I think I got more upset because Marv is away too.''

Rochelle - who also has four-year-old daughter Valentina with husband Marvin Humes - recently admitted he was shocked when she found out she was having a baby by as she believed she was destined to have girls.

She said: ''I'll be honest with you, every time I go for a scan, I get them to double check his bits because I'm just not convinced that I can make boys.

''I thought we were just girl parents and that was us. The girls are really excited, he doesn't stand a chance in this house, bless him. I could just see his future already being ruled.

''Marvin does like being the man of the house, as much as he's excited to have a boy, but he does like to feel quite needed really.''

Meanwhile, Rochelle was ''apprehensive'' about sending her children back to school following the coronavirus pandemic.

She added: ''I was really sort of apprehensive about it, but now I really think mine have really missed the routine we need that bit of structure now.

''You try at home, but they need their friends, mentally as well, my whole thing was if we can get the kids through the pandemic then we can pick up the schoolwork on the other side.''