Rochelle Humes' fame makes her feel ''uncomfortable''.

The Saturdays singer admits she finds it a ''strange concept'' that people she's never met feel like they know her already.

Speaking on Instagram Live, she said: ''I think you never get used to people feeling like they know you because that's always a strange concept. It's not that I don't like it. I'll feel people looking at me in the shop and I'll think, 'Oh my God, have I got a bogey?' I'll forget and I never really know how to handle it. In those sorts of scenarios I'm actually quite shy because I never know how to react. I think, 'I just want to go home'. I feel uncomfortable.''

Rochelle has been able to spend more time with her husband Marvin Humes and their two children - Alaia-Mai, seven, and Valentina, three - during lockdown and he previously revealed he is glad it ''gifted'' him time to spend with his family, especially with a new child on the way.

The JLS singer said: ''Home is special for us, and we've tried to keep making fantastic memories and spend quality time as a family during lockdown. It's even more special with a baby boy on the way too.

''Trying to navigate family life and work commitments during lockdown at times has been challenging but we've both embraced the new normal, I guess, for ourselves but also the girls. We've shifted our outlook to see it as time that's been gifted to us to spend together at home.''

Marvin and Rochelle are expecting a baby boy and the 'Love You More' hitmaker recently admitted he is delighted to have ''a little Marv'' on the way.

Marvin said: ''Even my dog's a girl, I'm so happy that finally a little Marv's coming along. Of course, listen, if it was a girl I would've loved that just as much, but of course it's a nice feeling to know I've got a little man on the way.''