Eric Idle Play Cast

A truly special comedy moment as [L-R] Sophie Winkleman, Russell Brand, Tim Curry, Tracey Ullman, Billy Connolly, Jane Leeves, Jim Piddock, Eric Idle and Eddie Izzard join forces in Los Angeles.

Look at that line-up, it's one for the ages is it not? Los Angeles comedy fans were given an absolute treat as an all-star cast featuring world renowned stand-up comedians, Hollywood actors and sitcom legends performed improvisational musical called What About Dick? Written by Monty Python man Eric Idle, the show saw comedians-cum-actors Eddie Izzard and Russell Brand join up with the likes of acting stalwart Tim Curry, US 80s comedy star Tracey Ullman, Scottish stand-up Billy Connolly and Frasier star Jane Leeves and more for the hilarious play. 

Russell Brand What About Dick

Russell Brand appears in the limited-run comedy show, which has sold out its four nights at the Orpheum Theater in LA

The story follows the fall of the British Empire and is narrated by Ben Kingsley - played by Eddie Izzard. The perspective of the fall is seen through the eyes of a Piano - played by Idle - whilst Russell Brand plays young artistocrat Dick. The Daily Mail write that the plot has been described as "like Downton Abbey only funnier" and "like Oscar Wilde on acid". The show was initially run in April, its success being such with the critics that the play's writer Idle decided to run it this month; it's being recorded and will be released as a concert film. 

Tracey Ullman What About DickEddie Izzard What About Dick

Jane Levee What About DickSophie Winkleman What About Dick

[Clockwise from top] Tracey Ullman plays dispomaniac Aunt Maggie; Eddie Izzard as Ben Kingsley; Jane Leeves is one of Aunt Maggie's daughters as is Two And A Half Men star Sophie Winkleman

Talking about the play, comedian Izzard commented that it was "a huge laugh. It could rip your lungs out. People could watch this and laugh too much and die, so that's, that's the danger. It's actually dangerous to watch this." It's hard to say whether the play will go beyond Los Angeles, given that it wasn't supposed to have even happened more than once. However, the forthcoming DVD promises to be very amusing indeed.

Billy Connolly What About Dick

Billy Connolly plays incomprehensible Scottish inspector McGuffin

Eric Idle What About Dick

The play's creator and Monty Python legend Eric Idle