Russell Brand ranted about a global media conspiracy as he broke his silence over the latest raft of sexual abuse allegations he’s facing.

The comic, 48, has been accused by an ever-growing list of women of offences ranging from rape to sexual and emotional abuse since 16 September, and has now taken to Instagram to speak out about how he believes the world is in the grip of a “collaboration” between international corporations and news outlets.

He said in a three-minute video to his 3.8 million followers he needed fans to “support” him after a “extraordinary and distressing” week by signing up to his shows on the $60 subscription site Rumble.

Dressed in a simple white shirt without his normal jewellery, Brand said: “Hello there you awakening wonders. Obviously, it’s been an extraordinary and distressing week and I thank you very much for your support and for questioning the information that you’ve been presented with.

“By now you’re probably aware that the British government have asked big tech platforms to censor our online content.

“Some online platforms, have complied with that request. What you may not know is that this happens in the context of the Online Safety Bill – this is UK legislation that grants sweeping surveillance and censorship powers and is a law that has already been passed.

“I also don’t imagine that you’ve heard of the trusted news initiative and now, as often is the case when a word like trusted is used as part of an acronym to describe an unelected body, trust is the last thing you should be offering.

“The trusted news initiative is a collaboration between big tech and legacy media organisations to target, patrol, choke and shut down independent media organisations – like this one.”

Since Brand was accused of offences from rape and sexual abuse to emotional and physical abuse, YouTube have removed his ability to monetise his channel on the platform.

He has also been axed by his talent agency Tavistock Wood, been removed from his PR agency’s site and had his upcoming book deal pulled and comedy material axed from streaming services.

Brand added in his Friday message he was now focusing on sharing his views on the Rumble platform, and said he would be discussing his belief in global conspiracies on a show there on Monday. (25.09.23)

He went on to tell how he believes “all trusted news providers and digital platforms” now “collaborate in constructing narratives – whether that’s around the war or the pandemic”.

Brand added the public have to be “very cautious indeed” and pleaded with his fans to follow him on Rumble as it has “commitment” to “independent” content.

He said his Rumble show would tackle “deep state and corporate collusion” and how democracy has been “shut down”.

Brand added he believes a “military industrial complex” exists to “enable and start wars that seem to be little more than money laundering operations” – before he shared his sympathy with victims of “all the wars” going on now.

He also said his Rumble show would probe how “big pharma” have been able to “avoid media investigation” and said he’d explore “media corruption and censorship”.

Brand concluded by saying the “only way we can keep or voice” is to support him on Rumble, adding: “Keep me and our channel independent and I need your support now more than ever, and more than I ever imagined I would.”

He concluded by saying: “More important than that is, please, stay free”.

Brand has denied all the allegations of abuse against him, saying all his past relationships were “consensual”.