Sandra Oh has found it ''challenging to stay creative'' during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 'Killing Eve' star has been isolating at home due to social distancing measures in place to slow the spread of the disease and she's been meditating multiple times a day in order to keep her feelings of anxiety at bay.

She said: ''I have found it quite challenging to stay creative actually.

''I have a meditation practice and I have been leaning heavily into it because I do feel the anxiety is very high.

''I feel like my need to sit and meditate is very strong.

''For that reason, I sit and meditate a couple of times a day.''

One of the positives the 48-year-old actress has found from the situation though, is having the time to connect with old friends via video conferencing app Zoom.

She told OK! magazine: ''When it comes to anxiety, it's been very interesting.

''The one way I've been dealing with the coronavirus crisis is through Zoom.

''I am also the Zoom organiser for all these groups, including for my theatre class.

''I went to the National Theatre School in Montreal.

''I graduated in 1993.

''Recently, a bunch of us were texting but now we have a cocktail every Friday.

''In our first Zoom, many of us had not seen each other in 27 years.

''So it was great to go back and say hi to people.''

When she is working, Sandra finds it difficult to shake off her roles so she spent a lot of time walking after a day's shoot wrapped on 'Killing Eve'.

She said: ''It's really hard. I'm not the type of actor who can do something and then leave it behind quickly.

''That's not the way that I'm built so I find it very difficult to switch off.

''I spent a lot of time walking in nature.

''London is a very busy city but it's also beautiful because it has lots of pockets of real greenery.''