Sarah Harding finds writing about her relationship woes ''cathartic''.

The former Girls Aloud singer - who recently split from boyfriend Jason, was previously engaged to DJ Tom Crane and dated childhood friend Mark Foster for two years - admits she has been ''burnt'' several times in love and has found the right way to deal with her feelings is to get them all down on paper.

Discussing the inspiration behind her new single 'Threads', she said: ''I made the fatal mistake several times and got burnt and that's what my new single is about.

''Kiss and tells, ex-boyfriends, friends, family members, the song could relate to a lot of people who've really hurt me.

''What I've learned is you have to let it go because if you carry all that negativity it will drag you down. It was cathartic. I've put it on paper and now I'm like, 'See ya, bitches.'''

Despite her relationship problems, Sarah does want to marry and have children in the future.

She told Closer magazine: ''Eventually I would love to get married, settle down and have some rug rats but who knows.

''It's a very fickle world. You have to be wary of people's intentions.''