Selena Gomez has reportedly decided she no longer needs any more parental advisory in her career and fired her manager parents. Selena’s parents had been managing her career since the beginning, but it now seems the former Disney star has outgrown mum and dad's guidance. Firing your parents might seem like the ultimate act of rebellion, but for some stars it was just a career move that had to happen. Here’s five famous faces who, like Selena, eventually had to decide it was time to give mum and dad the pink slip.

Selena GomezSelena Gomez, is now looking for non parental representation


When Usher wanted to fire his mother he really picked the perfect time to do it, mother’s day 2007. Usher is said to have fallen out with his mother over her objection to his future wife, Tameka Foster. A year later the mother son duo reunited only for Usher to fire her again a year later, proving that sometimes mixing business and family is just not meant to be.


Beyonce’s dad Matthew Knowles had been managing his daughter’s career since day one. Daddy Knowles took charge of his daughter’s group Destiny’s Child after they failed to win TV talent show Star Search back when they first formed. Now Beyonce is undoubtedly the world’s biggest female solo artist and it seems she’s no longer in need of her father’s managerial services. Beyonce reportedly gave her dad his marching orders after it was alleged he had cheated on her mother and fathered a child with another woman. Beyoncé did insist, however, that everything was purely business and there was no rift in the Knowles family. The singer said, "he is my father and I love my dad dearly," adding that they were only parting ways on a "business level.”

Beyonce performing in LondonBeyonce now runs her carrer, not her father Matthew

Macaulay Culkin

By the time Macaulay Culkin was in his teens he was already a major movie star with millions in the bank, but things weren't so good at home between the young actor and his father Kit. When Macaulay’s parents divorced the actor and his siblings became the centre of a bitter custody dispute which taught Macaulay how to read and understand legal papers. He soon found out that his father controlled his millions and took him to court to remove his access to Macaulay’s impressive bank account. The move permanently damaged the relationship between father and son and they remain estranged to this day.

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