Michael Jackson

Joe Jackson famously managed his children to superstardom in particular his son Michael. However Michael would later claim that Joe was overly strict on him and his siblings and that he used physical and verbal abuse whilst training his sons. In 1979 Michael fired his father as his manager before his 'Off the Wall' album. Despite the often strained relationship between the father and son, Michael and Joe maintained a close relationship up until the singer’s death in 2009.

LeAnn RimesLeann Rimes ended up suing her father in 2000

LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes became a star at aged just 13 and of course her parents were behind their only daughter’s career all the way. That was until the couple divorced and LeAnn found herself at odds with father Wilbur. In 2000 the singer filed a lawsuit claiming her father had withheld over $7million worth of earnings from her. The lawsuit was eventually settled on undisclosed terms two years later so that LeAnn and her father could reconcile before the singer’s wedding to backup dancer Dean Sheremet.

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