Sheryl Crow likes to ''test drive'' men.

The 'All I Wanna Do' hitmaker - who has adopted sons Wyatt, six, and Levi, three - admits she struggles to commit to one choice in both her personal and professional life, resulting in learning from her mistakes in an ''expensive'' way.

Speaking to Graham Norton on his BBC Radio Two show, Sheryl said: '' I've done everything wrong once before I realise what it is that I need to do, that's just the way I learn. My first video for 'All I Wanna Do', we made a video for that and then scrapped it. It's an expensive way to learn lessons, but sometimes you just have to feel your way through it.

''I like to marry one guy before I settle down and really marry the second. No, that's not true, I haven't been married but I have been engaged three times, so that should give you an indication of what my pattern is. I like to test drive a lot of different men.''

The 52-year-old singer admits she finds it ''weird'' how quickly time seems to be passing and is always amazed at how she sees her sons growing.

She said: ''It's weird, I'm looking at my six year old who has long hairy legs now, yesterday he was a baby. Time is going so fast.''

Sheryl and her family live in Nashville, Tennessee, and she loves her simple life on a farm in the ''hip'' town.

She said: ''I live on a farm and this is how I dress all the time, muddy jeans and muddy boots and we have horses and until recently we had chickens, we're getting chickens again, and a couple of cows. We live right square in the middle of Nashville, if that tells you anything about the town. It's crazy.

''I moved there eight years ago after I had breast cancer, put roots down, and it's just weird, you can look and there's a house there and then right next to it, with 50 acres, then another. It's an odd place, it's very sprawling.''