Despite being about as VIP as you can get in the world of rock stardom, Sir Paul McCartney was turned away from Tyga’s Grammy Awards afterparty in Los Angeles last night along with Beck and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.

As reported by TMZ, the 73 year old Beatles legend was twice refused entry to the Argyle in Hollywood, where Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend Tyga was hosting a lavish afterparty following the conclusion of the Grammys. In a video clip, he can be seen with his wife Nancy Shevell and his two fellow musicians talking in vain to bouncers who didn’t seem to recognise him.

Sir Paul McCartneySir Paul McCartney was not allowed in to Tyga's Grammys afterparty in L.A.

At one point, McCartney can be heard asking “how VIP do we gotta get?”, but security clearly weren’t having any of it as the group of four eventually gave up and returned to the Republic Records party at Hyde nearby.

The music legend and winner of 20 Grammys in his career fortunately seemed to see the amusing side of it, saying: We need another hit! Work on it”. In a later video, Tyga and his crew were told about the incident but seemed unfazed.

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Bow Wow, a fellow rapper, seemed shocked at the incident. “Wait. The Paul McCartney came to Argyle... and they wouldn't let him in? You've got to be lying. Maybe it's because we're younger than Paul. It's a new generation and we really club when we go out.”

It was one of quite a few headline-grabbing parties that were going on last night after the Grammys, at which Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift were the big winners.

Over in Beverly Hills, a party thrown by The Weeknd, who performed on the night and won two Grammys, was shut down by police after nearby residents complained about the noise from the soundsystem and the reported 1,000 guests who attended.

The Canadian singer was seen discussing the situation with officers before the decision was made, but it still apparently took three hours for all the guests to disperse from his mansion.

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