Spike Jonze has scooped the awrd for Best Original Screenplay at the Writer’s Guild Awards, for Her which he also directed. The film tells the story of a man who forges a relationship with a computer operating system which has a female voice. It stars Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role with Scarlett Johansson lending her voice for ‘Samantha.’

Spike Jonze at the Writer's Guild Awards where he won Best Orignal Screenplay for 'Her'.Spike Jonze at the Writer's Guild Awards where he won Best Orignal Screenplay for 'Her'.

So far ‘Her’ has won a Golden Globe award for best screenplay and is also nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Writing (Original Screenplay). Previosuly Jonze co-wrote ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ with Dave EggersIt, 'Her' is his solo writing debut. He is best known for his directing work and for being in a creative partnership with Charlie Kaufman who wrote 'Being John Malkovich' and 'Adaptation' which Jonze directed.

It took Jonze only five months to write the initial draft of the script, he said of the win, ”this is a high honour coming from the Writers Guild. … It’s a high honour coming from writers. In a way this is like an award for pain. A specific pain that writers know. The highs and lows of sitting there by yourself. I thank you guys for that.”

Other Writer’s Guild Award winners included, 'Captain Phillips', a movie starring Tom Hanks, which won Best Adapted Screenplay for writer Billy Ray. ‘Breaking Bad’ swept the television category, picking up awards for Best TV Drama and Best Individual Episode.

Spike Jonze at the premiere of 'Her'.Spike Jonze at the premiere of 'Her'.

The Writer’s Guild Awards are considered the last big award show before the Oscars, which will take place in less than a months time. In previous years the Writer’s Guild Awards have correctly predicted who will take the screenwriting Oscars eight out of ten times. Last year, however, the award was won by Mark Boal for 'Zero Dark Thirty' which lost out to Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ at the Oscars.

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