Review of Did I Tell You Single by Spinto Band

The Spinto Band
Did I Tell You
Single Review

Spinto Band Did I Tell You Single

Did I Tell You that The Spinto Band are here again. First the EP and now a single, yep the next big being talked about from our cousins over seas. Ironically 'Did I Tell You' is actually the new single to come from The Spinto Band. A new sound, very hard to try and explain with, how can I put it?? Like that High School music sound, I know my mind is clouded and at the moment stuck with this tunnel vision, but hey what the hell. The vocals fit in perfect not quite singing, and not quite shouting. Whatever it is it is working cause for me this is a sound track and should get them a bit more recognised.

Look out for The Spinto Band from the stuff I have heard so far they are a weird bunch, but then again so I am.

Mark Moore

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