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The Spinto Band
Direct To Helmet
Single Review

Spinto Band Direct To Helmet Single

This is the debut single from forthcoming album "Nice and Nicely Done", and if this taster is anything to go by, 2006 promises an awesome 1968 revival. Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, this six-piece crew of mid-westerners has managed to expertly evoke thoughts of four scruffy Liverpool lads going through a seriously tripped-out experience. Were it not for the ultra-American accent courtesy of Thomas Hughes, "…Helmet" would sit happily on "The White Album", and it's very easy to spot the Beatles influence on this track. There is still a definite nod to the modern too though, also being reminiscent of the Flaming Lips or the Webb Brothers.

Blissful harmonies permeate through the whole essence of the song, and it's in this that it really shines. Alongside some almost wistful production, it really does feel like the summer of love could come around again. This is real pop sensibility at its best, and anyone who rates Lennon and McCartney, early Pink Floyd or Brian Wilson (and lets face it, it's near impossible not to), is guaranteed to love this. 2006 is looking pretty rosy for the Spinto Band from here. Shine on you crazy diamonds!

Sam Richardson

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