Stacey Solomon has launched #PandemicPenPals for people ''struggling'' during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The 30-year-old presenter - who has sons Zachary, 12, Leighton, seven, and 10-month-old baby Rex - decided to start writing letters to anyone who has been feeling lonely during the global health crisis.

Alongside some of her handwritten letters, she announced on her Instagram Stories: ''So I think I've written back to all of them my hand is about to fall off.

''If you inboxed me I may not have seen it but anyone who tagged me in a story I've written back to you and will do always #pandemicpenpals forever.

''I hope it has helped even if just a tiny bit. I've posted a few that I could get permission from so thank you.''

The 'Loose Women' panellist was given permission by some of recipients of the letters to share them on her Instagram.

And the brunette beauty admitted to one of them that she is ''petrified'' about leaving the house so her partner, Joe Swash - whom she has baby Rex with - takes the boys out for their daily exercise.

The note read: ''Don't worry I haven't been to the shops ONCE since this lockdown began because I'm petrified & feel the same about walks so Joe does the shopping & takes the boys to the wood when he can. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

''It's so normal for mood changes at the moment, especially when I can be happily playing with the boys to hearing something on the news & totally freaking out.''

The mother-of-three came up with the idea after writing about how she was feeling and sending it to her own mother, Fiona, and feeling much better as a result.

She said: ''Last night writing this to my mum really helped me take some thoughts out of my head and leave them on the paper. And I slept do much better...

''This morning I've been reading my messages and thousands of you are missing family and really struggling so I thought...

''This might sound like a really silly idea but if anyone out there is really struggling and has no-one to talk to or just wants to let it all out then write a letter and tag me in it.

''I'll write back and send it back to you. Maybe it might take your mind away for a short while.

''I definitely loved putting pen to paper and taking my mind away for a bit before bed. We can be #pandemicpenpals and look out for each other.''