The Strokes had a magical experience working with Rick Rubin.

The 'Late Nite' hitmakers are yet to officially announced their seventh album - the follow-up to 2020's 'The New Abnormal' - but they teamed up with the legendary producer in the mountains in Costa Rica.

Reflecting on the sessions, guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. told Maxim: “I don’t think if I told you what it looked like and what it was, you’d fully understand the ‘magical-ness’ of where we were and how it was to record like that.

“It felt really touching that one of his favorite recording experiences was this one he just had right now.”

Although there is no timeline on the next LP, Albert admitted the collection could be even better than their iconic 2001 debut 'Is This It'.

He teased: “I really think what excites me about wanting to play music and continue doing it is, I don’t think we’ve written our best songs yet. I really feel that in my gut.”

Meanwhile, he's delighted the group have had such longevity, and he is grateful to have such a long lasting career.

He added: “I can’t believe I still get to play music… I take nothing for granted."

Rubin first teamed up with the band in 2017, when they first started working on 'The New Abnormal', which included singles such as 'Bad Decisions' and 'The Adults Are Talking'.

Back in October, he revealed: "A few months ago I was in Costa Rica, recording a new album with The Strokes, and we rented this house up on the top of a mountain and set the band up outside.

“So they’re playing… It’s like they’re doing a concert for the ocean, on the top of a mountain. It was incredible.

"And we did that every day, playing out in the [open], and they didn’t want to leave. It was, like, the best experience.”