x factor’ contestant Honey G has opened up about her past drug use, admitting to taking ecstasy and cocaine as well as smoking marijuana.

Speaking to The Sun, Honey, real name Anna Georgette Gilford, said that personal troubles led her to stray into drug addiction.

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“I did class A drugs,” she told the newspaper. “I’m hardcore and I’m totally real.

“I have struggled with addiction. I have nothing to hide. I did do some class A drugs like cocaine and I did pills."

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“I did a magic mushroom that I will never do again — that was probably one of the worst experiences,” she continued.

“The thing about me is there is actually a story behind me and my life. It’s not like, ‘Hi I’ve just turned up on X Factor’.

“I’ve been a musician my entire life and I’ve been through real experiences. I’m totally real, hardcore and I have experienced things that are real.”

The 35-year-old also described how she spent one entire summer smoking marijuana.

“There was a summer where I was going through a bit of a hard time and I ended up hanging out with people and, basically, we spent the whole time smoking weed,” she said.

“I ended up writing a song about the fact I spent that whole summer smoking pot. It isn’t a lie — basically it is actually true.”

Honey says she now still does weed socially from time to time, but wouldn’t touch Class A drugs again.

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“I do not do Class A drugs any more. A pill, a bit of coke, I would not touch that nowadays. I was still doing a bit of coke but I don’t touch it now,” she said.

After Honey’s revelation ‘X Factor’ spokesman Rick Behari told The Sun: “We’ve spoken to Honey and she’s assured us she has not taken drugs while being on the show.”